The Camp Boss is one of the trees we designed ourselves. Shown here with floral tooling, bull head in the seat, Conchos by Pat Horlacher in a Single round skirt with the very popular Keetch Horn.

The 77 Camp Ranch Cutter is our number one seller often paired with a Keetch Horn like shown here with a full border corner floral tooling and cowboy fenders.


The Rough String is a wider swelled version of the Camp Boss tree. It's purpose built for the folks that ride rough horses. It features a stockmans lip for doctoring cattle. Shown here with a Keetch Horn, tooled cantle and cowboy, stirrup leathers with a round skirt.



Buster Welch Cutter shown in a reverse Half-breed with stamped overlays.



77 Camp Cow Horse Saddle shown in Chocolate with Corner floral



77 Camp Will James shown with a seat rigging Texas Dally Horn with square skirts and small Cheyenne roll.



77 Camp Association saddle shown in full roughout, Camouflage border and Keetch Horn.


77 Camp Tucson shown in half-breed Roughout with a Camouflage border and Keetch Horn.


77 Camp Weatherly shown in plain Roughout.


77 Camp Arizona Roper with a Keetch Horn shown with floral overlays on the swells and rear housing.


77 Camp Low Moose shown with a heavy Duckbill horn in full roughout.



77 Camp Northwest roper shown in full roughout with cowboy fenders and loop seat.



Camp Boss shown with a seat rigging, wood post horn, diamond and Hawaiian floral



77 Camp 3B in full roughout with round skirts.